Chocolate Peanut Butter Whiskey Brownies with Chocolate Whiskey Frosting

Last night I had a strong craving for peanut butter and chocolate. Also, I wanted to experiment with some Jim Beam that I have sitting around. I found a couple of recipes and decided on one to try, mainly because I had most of the ingredients. I decided to cut out some of the chocolate chips in the recipe to add peanut butter chips.

After I finished baking the brownies, I did a little post baking taste test of the brownies before pouring whiskey on top to see what the texture was like. I was a little disappointed. They were not as fudgey as they were made out to be on the recipe. So, I poured 1/2 cp of whiskey on them to see if that gooey-ed them up a little.

For the frosting, I used butter, powdered sugar, heavy whipping cream, melted chocolate chips, some unsweetened cocoa powder (for a little more chocolatey goodness), and whiskey. Since I used heavy whipping cream it became very airy, so I decided to go with that and beat it on high to make it a mousse. It tastes AMAZING!

Now, the only problem is that I have WAY too many brownies…anyone want to take some off of my hands?! PLEASE!


EAT RESPONSIBLY!! I may have put too much whiskey in these..whooops!

Stay tuned for the recipe…I’ll try to get it up by tomorrow evening!

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